how to play Roblox game

Learn in this simple beginner’s guide how to play Roblox the right way!

Use these tricks and tips if you want to learn how to play Roblox the right way. Many people are abandoning the popular game Minecraft and opting for Roblox game. As it seems to be much more fun and addictive, which will give you dozens of hours in front of a screen, bringing your creativity to life.

playing roblox online

playing roblox online

This game was originally released on PC and is also available on Xbox One and mobile, all with a simple free download. Although there seems to be a conversion on systems like PS4 or Nintendo Switch, it seems that it is not so close in time. Anyway, if you are looking for an alternative to Minecraft, you can try playing Roblox and all its possibilities.

If you already wanted to play Roblox on PC or other platforms, this beginners guide will be helpful. Where you’ll get an idea of how to get started and how to enjoy the early hours when you might feel lost in the game.

So if you want to let your creativity go, follow this beginner’s guide carefully.

The game Roblox is a very fun game that has become viral on the internet!

It’s a free online game that revolves around virtual worlds. Currently loved by fans around the world, with more than 100 million players per month.

If you came to this website without knowing what is Roblox about. Know that it is a platform with several Roblox games!

But what is roblox games in practice?

how many roblox games are there

what is roblox games

The roblox games are an online video game where you can explore imaginary worlds that are in a third dimension (3D).

It is a game very similar to the popular game Minecraft. Where you can travel through worlds, assemble items, gather resources to play with more powers, fight, among other tricks and strategies.

Therefore, he is a multi-platform game (mmorpg), where we can find more than 15 million different games created by the community.

In this application, you will find different categories of mini-games and we will have the possibility to create our own games. And put them at the service of the same community.

Another interesting feature of this game is that you can create your own characters. It has its own trade currency called “Robux” and with this you can acquire other applications. And advantages within the game, you can even pay with real currency.

Also, it has the advantage of being recommended by many social network influencers. Who playing game live showing their skills. So an interactive community is created around it.

playing roblox for free

playing roblox games

Tips and tricks to learn how to play Roblox games

Respect other roblox players creations

Each level you enjoy within the platform has been created by a community member and you can do the same. So the main rule is that you be respectful of the others roblox players creations of all your class. So that they respect yours too. Most of these levels are free, so don’t criticize if you see something wrong or badly done.

Explore everything around you

When entering the game for the first time, don’t feel defeated, because not only will you be able to customize the character. But you’ll find dozens of game modes and thousands of levels already created.

First try to understand how the most popular games work and select the levels and maps that are giving the talk in the community. With this, devote your time to a level that is also widely used by the rest of the community.

laying roblox on google

playing roblox online

Beware of roblox microtransactions

Although most levels are free (few are paid games), most levels have Roblox microtransactions. You should read the levels you want to play carefully, as there are some where it is almost mandatory to pay real money to advance.

Look at the whole team as the first goal

When you enter a level, what you first need to do is look for the equipment, which is different in each one. This equipment will allow you to thrive. And there are weapons, reinforcements, skills, musical instruments, social objects, means of transportation or construction tools.

roblox play online

roblox to play

Organize your roblox inventory items

While it is very good to collect all the objects we can, it is essential that you organize them because if you do not, you will regret it. To do this, you must access your equipment by clicking the backpack button in the upper left corner of the screen and requesting them for easy locating.

inventory search

roblox inventory search

Use team shortcuts

You can select direct keys in the upper left corner of the screen to quickly access certain devices. These shortcuts can be done by going to the backpack and dragging the given equipment to one of the assigned direct keys on the interface.

Collect all types of roblox medals

While there are many medals in the game, the ones the community values most are those related to visiting medals. They are awarded to you when you visit another user’s world and behave.

Thanks to them, you will be invited to many other worlds and other users will be able to welcome you in the best possible way. If you don’t have some visitor badges, it will generate a lot of mistrust.

Create an account

Although you do not need to create an account to play Roblox, it is recommended that you create one. If you have an account, you can have your own place, add friends, create a more customizable avatar, and have a much more complete world.

With these tips and tricks on how to play Roblox, you’ll get a better overview of the game itself. You can even better understand how the community works. Where good behavior and creativity prevail more than anything else.

How to play roblox with friends

how to play with friends on roblox

playing roblox with friends

If you are a newbie to this game, sooner or later you will want to enjoy this game with your friends. If you do not know how to play Roblox with friends, please be aware that this gaming platform has this modality Multiplayer Games. This way you can play with friends if they are already in a game.

As long as your friend has the online option enabled in the game settings, you can enter his world by pressing a single button. This is done as you can see in this video how to play Roblox with friends.

Learn how to play with friends on Roblox easily!

To play with friends on Roblox, you have to look up your friend’s username or profile page. If this user is already in a game and allows others to join, you will see the “join game” option in the search options of your profile page.

Once here, simply press the “enter game” option to launch the game on the same server as your friend. As you can see, playing with friends on Roblox is easier than it sounds, even if you need to do a manual search to find your friend.

How to play Roblox on PC with Windows 10, 8, 7?

playing games on pc

how to play roblox on pc on windows 10, 7, 8

It is very easy to learn how to play Roblox on PC with Windows 10, 8, 7, through your computer keyboard. Here are some tips to help you with this task:

  • The first thing you need to do to start playing is download Roblox for PC. Secondly, run your install, unless you have done all these steps before, of course!
  • You only need the W, A, S, D keys or if you prefer use the arrow keys to move within the game. With the W key you move forward, the A key moves to the left and the S key moves backwards. While the D key moves you to the right and with the spacebar you can jump.
  • Use the camera: You must press the right mouse button to move the camera. You can also rotate it in different directions with the minus and plus keys > or <.
  • To climb stairs during the game, you have to go towards them. Almost all imaginary worlds start with stairs, so all you have to do is use the W key and your avatar will go up the stairs immediately.
  • Use Click, “Copy” and “Delete“. So you can interact in the Roblox world. When you start moving in the game, you get objects and it’s time to use the tools. To do this, you must click on them and copy or delete them. Click moves the object and the copy tool can create a copy. On the other hand, the “Delete” tool destroys it.
  • To configure the camera you can do it with “Classic” and “Follow”. With the first, you keep the camera still and you can make adjustments manually. With follow mode, you rotate the camera along with your avatar, depending on where it moves.

how to play roblox on PC using the keyboard?

  • To change the camera mode you must go to the left corner of the menu.
  • Click on the letter R and you can restart your character. This is done at home if you get stuck in a wall or lose some element of your avatar. You may appear as if nothing had happened.
  • Clicking the “Esc” key allows you to quit the game. If you want to play in another world you must press the menu and press the L key. A window will appear where you must confirm that you want to leave the world where it is.
  • To chat, press the “/” key. The chat window opens immediately so you can exchange impressions with other players. If you do not wish to do so, disable the option or it is also possible that the owner or creator of the world has done so and cannot communicate with him or any other player of this level.
  • You must know your equipment. These are the things you created as a Roblox player and you can enter them into other worlds, depending on the conditions of each creator. These equipments are music instruments, weapons, explosives, power ups, skills, among others.
  • You can use your equipment by clicking on the backpack located in the upper left corner of the screen. You can assign keys to the equipment. This is done by dragging the device to the corresponding key.
  • Winning medals is another goal of the game. You can earn them by improving some aspect of the world. There are combat and visitor medals. The latter are achieved by entering the world of other players.

How to play roblox on ps4?

can you get roblox on ps4

Can you play Roblox on ps4

Video game consoles are the most widely used in the gaming world. They are designed especially for these activities, which is why companies create applications with special designs for each console. So many PS4 fans and lovers of this addictive game are searching the web how to play Roblox on PS4.

There are different consoles on which you can play this video game. It is one of the most popular games right now, it is a favorite of many teens and adults for having different activities available to players.

So PS4 is one of the most famous video game consoles of all time. That’s why we’ll show you how to play Roblox on PS4 for players who want to play with this new gaming platform. Another of the consoles available is Xbox one, which is another of the most commonly used consoles.

does ps4 support roblox

does ps4 support roblox

Can you play Roblox on ps4?

Unfortunately right now, the only console where you can play Roblox is Xbox one. However, it is not yet possible to download the video game to PlayStation 4.

In this way, many of the PS4 players have tried to do so by connecting the console to the Internet. Although at first it appears that the issue is resolved and the application is installed.

But in the end, you get a warning that you can’t keep up with the game installation, because it’s not available on this type of console, which is the PS4.

how to get roblox on ps4 2020

how to get roblox on ps4 2020

Fans are still waiting for Roblox Corporation to approve the game for this PS4 video game console. Because it is one of the most sold and used worldwide by players today. This would further help expand the player and customer market for this online gaming platform.

Meanwhile, only Xbox one gamers have the luck and privilege of playing Roblox, which belongs to Microsoft. Even close sources claim that Microsoft has purchased all commercial rights to the Roblox game.

For this and other reasons, the release of the Roblox game is being delayed. We also have the information that Roblox Corporation will be able to release the game on PS4 in July 2020.

Until then, you can play it more easily on the Xbox one game console. In which, you can also enjoy many game options.

Roblox on android

These games are a real hit on social media, especially on YouTube. This way, your games accumulate thousands or even millions of views every day.

But it is on the computer that the game has millions of people participating in its “worlds”. And the key to all this is that it’s a creative, community-centric title.

So it is a “unique game” that gets bigger as more players become addicted to it. But what about Android phones?

ROBLOX is a free game on all platforms where it is available, and one of them is Android and IOS as well. If you knew him before, it’s probably because of his computer version.

Which accrues the most videos and games on platforms like YouTube or Twitch. However, like so many other video games, it also has a mobile version of Android.

And we can take advantage of it, as it could not be otherwise on both smartphones and tablets.

How to play roblox on mobile android?

playing games on mobile android

Roblox on android

The first thing you will have to do as soon as you enter ROBLOX after installing the android app. Is to register with a username and password, with an email address or your phone number.

When you enter, you’ll see that you can customize your avatar, with a style that reminds you of LEGO dolls and Minecraft characters in almost equal parts.

You can customize the look of your avatar, although you cannot customize excessively. This requires micropayments with the robux coin. Then the options will be much larger.

The Roblox video game is designed to be a virtual world. In other words, it is more a social platform than a game in itself.

When we access it, we will see that there is a Games section, in which there is a list of Recommended Games. These games are actually the mini games available on ROBLOX.

The peculiarity is that this almost infinite list of minigames was created by the community. Roblox as such is an empty environment that relies on a creation tool that reflects its community.

The problem is that on mobile devices we can only play, there is no option to create Roblox games.

play game in android phone

play game on phone

The Recommended section in Roblox for Android, brings together the list of the most popular games. Therefore we can access other people by manually searching as we are interested or by manually accessing alone or with a friend.

But the most common is to take advantage of this list of recommendations, as this will find other people playing in the same environment. And the themes are really broad, this is where Roblox really shows it’s a “one-off” game with almost no limits.

In the mobile version, we have all the fun of accessing already created worlds. With a little more uncomfortable control.

Because the buttons are tactile, although we can use a keyboard connected to the phone and the corresponding mouse. But all the fun is there, just missing the content authoring tool to enjoy the full experience.

Download the Roblox app for android HERE


The secret of Roblox game success is no mystery. With a style that resembles another “viral game“, as was the case with Minecraft.

So the game Roblox has been praised for serving as a kind of meeting place for gamers around the world. Including allowing the creation of their own games.

Enabling players to have programming notions while carrying out their projects. Best of all, playing Roblox provides an endless stream of new experiences. That you can enjoy with your friends on all devices.

How To Play Roblox Game - Learn everything in this simple step by step guide
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