Roblox mobile revenue exceeds $ 1 billion

Roblox Corporation

Data published by Sensor Tower analysts showed excellent results for Roblox mobile.

When we talk about online games that are still a trend today, names like Minecraft, Fortnite. And Counter Strike come to mind, among many others. But there are some that move quietly and can reach and surpass those mentioned, Roblox mobile.

Nothing could be further from reality. The video game in question reached 100 million active users per month, surpassing the first mentioned above.

Roblox mobile is more than just a game, an online multiplayer platform

Roblox on mobile

For the most uninformed people, Roblox is more than just a game, an online multiplayer platform. Where users can create their own virtual worlds.

As if that were not enough, today we have received information that according to Sensor Tower market analysts estimates. Roblox Mobile (available for iOS and Android) has exceeded one billion dollars since its launch.

The data also indicates that the game has 290 million downloads. Including the App Store and Google Play, and about 67% of revenue comes from players in the United States.

Did anyone say this genre was monopolized by Minecraft?

According to the report, the biggest expenses were produced by Apple players, reaching 76%. Although Android devices send the percentage of total downloads, reaching 75%.

Mobile versions of Roblox have been available for a long time, 2012 for iOS. And 2014 for Android, although it has been during this past year that its popularity has reached an incredible increase.

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