Roblox Xbox One is now available for free download

roblox xbox one
roblox for xbox one

Play Roblox Xbox One is now possible!

Roblox is a definitive virtual universe that lets you play, create and be anything you can imagine. Join millions of gamers already playing Roblox Xbox One on this addictive console. So try out a diverse collection of games created by a global community that are specific to this video game console!

The fun world of Roblox finally gets to the video game consoles, specifically Xbox One.

The Roblox Xbox One experience is unique to this game console. Consequently, it was created from scratch to match the tone and feel of console games, thus remaining true to the style of this game. Each game offered by the platform has been adapted to Xbox One controls. Best of all, it’s now available for free download!

Note that game is an online multiplayer game, it requires Xbox Live Gold, just like any other Xbox One multiplayer game.

The download of the game is available from the Xbox One store and is very simple to do. The game is free and in just minutes you’ll be ready to play and explore the world of Roblox with your friends. You’ll find 15 games created by some of the top developers in the community. Therefore more games will be added throughout the year.

roblox xbox one

15 games available for free download

Online multiplayer game

Existing Roblox players can sync their accounts with the Xbox gamertag. Once synchronized, they can use their custom characters and switch between any packages they have. In addition, Roblox for Xbox One comes with 14 exclusive packages, of which 6 are free. Purchasing these Xbox One packages also unlocks them on your account.

Join the community and have fun with your friends in this addictive online multiplayer game experience. You can cast via Twitch using Xbox One builder in live streaming skills.

The 15 games available to play are:

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